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Explorations of the Mirror;
The Art and Poetry of Bonny Hut

Explore the intriguing, surreal art world of visionary artist, Bonny Hut. Her emotive, skilful and thought provoking oil paintings (with pictures of some of the paintings in progress) two short stories and poems take the reader on an exploration through darker and lighter aspects of life, the human paradigm and a range of emotions.

Softcover Book

 Portrait format - 80 pages
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Large Hardcover Book

Landscape format - 
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Explorations of the Mirror, reviewed By Gemma Benton

Enchanting, magical, visionary. As I opened Explorations of the Mirror: The Art and Poetry of Bonny Hut and read the first few pages, I was transported into a world of artistry and symbolism that reminded me of the parallel worlds created by writer Charles de Lint. Through her painting and writing, Bonny Hut provides us with a glimpse of reality through the eyes of beguiling street creatures that "lurk about in the little things and creep into those strange, twisted things." We are lulled by those strangely sweet, familiar places in Ms. Hut’s poetry, only to receive an urgent call to awaken from our dull slumber to "hear the real mantra of life echoed within the song of the living tree."

As magical as her writing is, readers should not be fooled into thinking that Explorations of the Mirror is too fantastic or one-sided. Be certain it is writing with a “pinch of ice, and smack of fire.” For instance, Bonny Hut’s short story, “The Scale of the Uprising” and her visual poems “Rape of the Land” and “Repainting The Script” hit hard into those empty places where we blindly follow, mask over, and fill in the vast landfill of our consciousness with quick junk and fast judgments. 

Explorations of the Mirror: The Art and Poetry of Bonny Hut is both an kindly invitation and a seasoned warrior’s challenge to remember and reclaim ourselves as visionaries recreating and re-imagining what we call life and reality. Congratulations to Bonny Hut for creating a work that is imaginative, truth-filled, and entirely delightful.


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